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Pilot-project to develop a local medicinal plants herbal pharmacopeia on an ICT platform (Advancement of healthcare at local levels using traditional knowledge in sync with modern database and analysis)

Rural communities traditionally managed primary healthcare conditions first at the household level and what could not be solved in the home was taken to the community based healer. If at both these levels a solution was not found, institutional help was sought from primary, secondary or tertiary healthcare services. The first two tiers of the health system viz., the household and the community are slowly disappearing.

There are several reasons for the destruction of the first two tiers. Firstly, absence of public investment in health education, targeted at households and the community. Secondly, reduced governmental support for knowledge transfer of traditional practices and thirdly disappearance of resources (medicinal plants) in the local ecosystem.

This pioneering project will enable many ‘firsts’ for Karnataka both in terms of conservation and health security for its people. Develop a replicable medicinal plant taluka level herbal pharmacopeia.Introduce an innovative community based tier to the primary healthcare system which empowers thousands of rural households and village communities with low cost, self help, healthcare solutions. Introduce knowledge of local flora into Botany and Science education in schools and colleges with reliable information on biodiversity and healthcare.