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Explore 1202 species and 137 synonyms (497 from Field Survey and 1151 from Literature and 96 redlisted (Highest) species, 11 redlisted (Global) species) from 30 surveyed villages

Botanical & Ecological Study:

Purpose: The purpose of the study is to assess the population and distribution of wild medicinal plants in selected villages of the HD Kote taluk. It will give a brief idea about the medicinal plants distribution and availability to the local people and also it will easy for them to locate and collect the medicinal plants.

Objective: To conduct botanical & ecological studies of wild medicinal plants in selected villages of HD Kote taluk.

Methodology: The task involves conducting botanical inventorisation of plants in the wild habitats around the sample villages. Study carried out in 150 transects spread across the taluk so as to cover different vegetation types, land use pattern, demographic composition, socio economic status, healthcare facilities. Each transect is of the size 0.1 ha (31.62 x 31.62 m2). All plants with >15 cm gbh (trees, bamboos, lianas) are enumerated in the entire plot. Within this transect 2 smaller plots of 5 x 5 m are laid in 2 opposite corners for shrubs and saplings (plants with <15 cm gbh,). Likewise, 4 smaller plots of 1 x 1 m are laid in all the four corners of the transect to document herbs and emerging seedlings.

Key findings

1. Life form

A total of 626 species were recorded in 150 plots. Herbs (understory + grass) were the predominant life-form with 352 species followed by trees, shrubs and climbers.

2. Summary of the study sites/plots.
3. Important medicinal plants

Among the 626 plants, 122 species were identified as threatened, traded and highly traded medicinal plants.